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Kat Walk Mini | Omni Directional VR treadmill

$ 3,999.00

Kat Walk Mini | Omni Directional VR treadmill

  • Take your gaming to the next level with the industry-leading Omni-Directional Treadmill by KAT VR! This is currently the best on the market. "Ready Player One" Style with 360 degree full rotation with out any obstructions getting in your arms way. - INFINITE SPACES. Run, Jump, Crouch, and even Sit! Dont forget to Sync up with friends for group battles!
  • SMALLER & LIGHTER - Our new design shrinks the area occupied by the treadmill to 1.76 m² and reduces the machine height to only 62', this in combination with new lightweight material and an improved mechanical structure allowed us to reduce the total weight of the machine to only 190lbs making it much easier to move and assemble even in smaller spaces. Great for home use!
  • Natural Walking Experience - Shoes (Quickly slip over regular shoes) are designed to have optimal friction coefficient with the shock absorbing base plate to provide natural walking while protecting your knees.
  • Universally Compatible with all VR Headsets and gaming platforms such as SteamVR




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