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HelloReal SnowFox V2 - White, Black, Domino, Red | for Meta Quest 2

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Style: All White
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IMPROVED V2 Virtual Reality Pistols
Our biggest update yet. The V2 has been reworked to have a more rigid frame, more secured slide lock and textured trigger.

V2 is equipped with dramatic new improvements:

  • SLIDE LOCK - One-of-a-kind locking mechanism to secure the slide and easily released. (No screws or fasteners!)
  • No need for fasteners, beaver tail or out of place notch to secure it.
  • TRIGGER - Glock based textured trigger design for additional immersion. (Includes with 2 types of trigger with different feel with the package)
  • BRAND NEW COLORS - Black Widow and Cobalt
  • Wrist strap friendly
  • Full buttons access! (Unlike other VR Pistols, there's no need to choose between functionality and aesthetics)

Additional details:
- 133mm x 240mm
- Profile based on Glock G34 design (no imitation pistol!)

The prints are done in 3D printing technology with mild visible print lines; you're free to surface finish it on your own by sanding and painting but it's optional. It will not obstruct the functionality or experience.
Pieces come separately and muzzle tip can be glued on (optional)

- These are 3D printed parts meant for VR entertainment purposes, leaving it out in extreme weather conditions may cause deformation in parts.
- Play responsibly and watch your play surroundings; we are not responsible for potential injuries or property damage should the attachments fly out of your hands during intense sessions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Great fit

It was a very tight fit for the controller but it works well. My son didn’t care for the responsiveness of the trigger so we removed it.

Adam Garcia
Excellent design!

Excellent design and prints! Came with great directions too!

Kara Carter
Accurate aiming on Pistol Whip!

I am glad I bought this version. The pistol looks great and it has really accurate aiming on Pistol Whip! The grip is a little large but that became unnoticeable when I was playing the game. Fitting the controller into the grip was a little snug, but I twisted it a couple of times and it fell into place. Great Effort! Thanks!

Chelsea Collins
These feel good in the hands!

The total weight feels good and the effect feels better than using the controller. After using these for a few tries, going back to the regular controller feels off. lol. I recommend these and will get these hot pink ones for my lady. Thanks HR!

John Hunter
Love the design

Great design and product. Great customer service!