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Controller Skins | for Oculus Quest/Rift-S

$ 25.00

Controller Skins | for Oculus Quest/Rift-S

Please note: This product does not include the Oculus Touch Controllers only the skins. These skins are only compatible with the Oculus Touch v2 for the Quest and Rift/S, they will not fit the older Touch v1 for the original Rift.

  • Never Lose Grip – Our patent pending flat studded handle design ensures that you stay immersed in the VR world and that your Oculus touch v2 stays firmly in your hand even through a bit of sweat.

  • Ultra Secure Lock – Unlike inferior brands our patent pending locking design ensures that your controller skin will stay firmly in place and not slide off when the action gets intense

  • Full Sensor Tracking – Precision placed straps ensure that all embedded IR sensor LEDs on the front of the halo are fully visible and register clearly

  • Easy Access – Our open button design ensures that you will easily and intuitively find the trigger or menu button you're looking for



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