Prime X Haptic VR by Manus | for High Fidelity Finger Tracking

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- Improved Haptic Feedback
- High Fidelity Finger Tracking
- Fully Compatible

Grab, Touch, Feel
Experience life-like virtual interactions directly with your hands. The precise haptic feedback of the Prime X Haptic VR is specially developed for Virtual Reality environments. Hold digital objects, feel textures, push buttons and pull levers. Fully immerse in your virtual experiences.

The new generation of data gloves with haptic feedback for virtual reality. Immersive hands-on experiences in any virtual environment. Compatible with: IC.IDO*, VRED*, Teamcenter*, Unreal Engine, and Unity.

Fast, accurate, detailed
Featuring a proprietary flex sensor skeleton and a 9 DoF IMU for each finger, the Prime X Haptic VR gloves deliver high-fidelity finger tracking without any perceivable latency.

Haptic Feedback 2.0
The haptic modules for the Prime X Haptic VR gloves provide even more powerful feedback on each individual finger. With the improved haptic modules, the Prime X Haptic VR gloves provide a sense of touch with a higher resolution than ever before.

Quick and Easy Calibration
Get started in less than a minute. With only three simple gestures the Prime X Haptic VR gloves take a quick and accurate calibration tailored to your hands. Calibrations are stored in the gloves making them instantly ready for your next session.

Stay charged
The Prime X Series’ swappable batteries have 5-hours of battery life. Long sessions ahead? No need to interrupt your workflow by charging thanks to the replaceable batteries. Use the Manus Charging Station to make sure you never have to wait for your gloves to charge again. Additionally, the Prime X series can be powered by an external power source through the USB Type-C port.

Washable Gloves
The electronics module can be quickly removed from the textile glove, allowing for the glove to be washed or replaced.

Licensing & Support
The Prime X Haptic Gloves come with a perpetual Manus Core license, a 12-month warranty, and product lifetime support and updates.

Works with

Universal Mounting System
The Universal Mounting System of the Prime X Series allows for a wide range of tracking attachments. Making the Prime X Haptic VR gloves compatible with:
> SteamVR with Manus Pro Tracker
> SteamVR with Vive Tracker 2.0 & 3.0
> AR-Tracking
> Oculus Rift S / Quest Controllers
> OptiTrack with the OptiTrack ActivePuck
> Vicon Origin with Vicon Pulsar
Simply slide to connect.

Fully Compatible
The Prime X Haptic VR gloves are compatible with industry-standard software. Unreal and Unity, with integrations for IC.IDO*, VRED*, and Siemens Teamcenter*. Further integrations can be built using our Manus Core SDK.

All Plugins and the Manus Core SDK are available for download in the Manus Resource Center.

In the Box

- Manus Core IC.IDO support
- Manus Core Unity plugin
- Manus Core Unreal Engine 4 plugin
- Manus Core MotionBuilder plugin
- Manus Core C++ SDK

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Prime X Haptic VR by Manus | for High Fidelity Finger Tracking

$ 4,999.99