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Knox NEXT | Google Cardboard VR headset

$ 10.00

Knox NEXT | Google Cardboard VR headset


The Next in Cardboard! 



Exceptional design. Advanced ergonomics. Larger lenses. Better immersion. Up to 6.2” phones including iPhones.


NEXT shares many of the improvements of Google Cardboard 2.0 also known as Knox V2 (The New Cardboard) and more!


NEXT fully supports the JUMP which was announced at Google I/O 2015, YouTube 360, and the new 3D Google Street View app!


  • NEXT features advanced and perfectly engineered ergonomics for maximum comfort. This proprietary ergonomics causes the headset to feel locked and secured on your face without any wiggling. This also helps in blocking the ambient light for better immersion!


  • NEXT's precisely positioned mechanical reliable magnetic button works perfectly with almost all smartphones in the market including Samsung Galaxy phones, HTC One phones, and iPhones! (In the case of incompatibility with a very few Android phones, still many great immersive VR cardboard apps can be experienced).


  • NEXT implements larger 37mm High-Grade Asymmetrical lenses engineered to be purely Aspherical for a larger field of view and higher degree of immersion without any compromises. (37mm in diameter vs the typical 25mm)!


  • NEXT features Proprietary *Phone Lifter* wooden adaptors that allow fitting for any sized phone and positioning the phone almost exactly in the center, regardless of its size!


  • NEXT features exceptional next level design and a lovely character!


  • NEXT fits prescription glasses for a crystal clear immersion!


  • NEXT is fully compatible with all the iOS and Android VR apps including the Google Cardboard-powered VR apps!



Produced from the highest quality USA made cardboard.

Made in California


Compatible Phones:

NEXT works with any Android and iOS phone including iPhones.



Included in the box:

  • Pre-cut, printed, and almost assembled cardboard for quick 2-step assembly
  • Pre-installed Large 37mm in diameter High Grade Asymmetrical (ASPHERICAL 45mm focal length) Lenses
  • Pre-installed High Grade Magnets
  • 2 Proprietary wooden phone lifters


    Manufactured with love in Los Angeles, CA    




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