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Foam Replacement Cover | Oculus Quest

$ 29.99 $ 24.99
  • Keep your Oculus Quest Clean and Sweat-proof
    The PU leather foam face cover replacements enable you to wipe down your quest headset after using

  • Luxury Composition Set
    One PU Leather Foam Cover (thick section) + One PU Leather Foam Cover (thin section) +One Facial Interface Bracket + One Anti-leakage Nose Pad + One VR Lens Cover

  • Easy to Install
    The facial interface bracket and the PU leather foam face pad are both easy and quick to install and replace. The edge of the Anti-leakage Nose Pad is placed under pressure by the AMVR Facial Interface Bracket.

  • Patented Innovative Design
    The PU leather foam cover is specially designed for those who wear glasses. Wide groove design on both sides of the PU leather foam mask pad. The frame of the glasses can enter freely and will not be squeezed by the oculus quest face cover cushion

  • Please Note
    The oculus quest headset NOT INCLUDE ! Adjust the position of the PU Leather Foam Cover on the AMVR Facial Interface Bracket to make the PU Leather Foam Cover suitable for your face. Each person's face is structured differently, some square faces, and some round faces.  Before use, the PU Leather Foam Cover needs to be adjusted according to your face.  We offer a thin and a thick section of PU leather foam cover that can be used by more people.



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