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The Future of XR with @CixLiv: An Opinion Article by Knoxlabs XR (Everything VR)

The Future of XR with @CixLiv: An Opinion Article by Knoxlabs XR (Everything VR)

In the ever-evolving world of VR, AR, and XR, staying updated and understanding diverse perspectives is crucial. Our friend, @CixLiv, a serial founder in VR/AR (founder behind the popular VR capture app LIV) and now AI, recently shared his thoughts on Twitter about the future of XR, making bold predictions and offering insight into various aspects of the industry. As an everything VR Marketplace, we at Knoxlabs are always eager to discuss and dissect these opinions to enhance our understanding and offer better services and products to our valued customers.

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The Future of XR According to @CixLiv

After watching #MetaConnect2023, @CixLiv maintains his prior assertions. Despite the great hardware, he anticipates that the sales of Quest 3 would not surpass that of Quest 2. In his words, the Quest 3 is “a great headset on paper,” boasting a GPU that's two times faster than any other standalone, the first true consumer passthrough headset, and features like depth cameras and pancake lenses. Despite these fantastic specs, @CixLiv found the event lacking energy, expressing a desire for more enthusiasm in the XR sector akin to Steve Jobs' era.

Knoxlabs Perspective: Accessibility and Beyond

At Knoxlabs, our mission aligns with making VR and XR more accessible to everyone. We understand and appreciate @CixLiv's insights. The hardware specifications of devices like Quest 3 certainly paint a promising picture. However, success in this industry goes beyond just hardware. It’s about creating ecosystems, nurturing communities, and ensuring accessibility and affordability for all users, from beginners to advanced XR enthusiasts.

Upcoming Headsets and Industry Evolution

Furthermore, @CixLiv hints at the involvement of major companies like Apple, Nintendo, and Google in the XR headset arena, closely watching the advancements by Valve and others. He suggests the imminent unveiling of new headsets, focusing on diverse age groups and demographics.

It's important to note that the overall success and adoption of XR technology hinge not just on the introduction of new hardware but also on the seamless integration and the experience offered to the users. The focus on children's content and standalone VR by companies like Meta, as pointed out by @CixLiv, indicates a significant direction in the industry, aiming to capture younger demographics.

Building a Connected Future

We at Knoxlabs believe in the immense potential of VR and XR to connect humanity in unprecedented ways. Discussing thoughts and insights, like those shared by @CixLiv, plays a crucial role in shaping the future of this industry. We are actively involved and committed to contributing positively to this evolution, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to share their internal sun, to shine, be seen, and heard in the boundless realms of virtual and extended realities.

Visit us at for the latest in VR/XR, where we are building VR for VR and making things more accessible to everyone, one device at a time.

As the spatial web evolves, let’s work together to reduce the buffer from thought to finger to creation, enabling all to share and connect in more meaningful and beautiful ways.


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